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TankYou: app for Windows Phone 7

Test your shooting skills on the new Windows Phone 7 game TankYou, created by Nmédia.

You’ll have your own tank to guide and use to shoot and defeat your enemies. You can play against bots, your friends or online users, so the fun basically never ends!

TankYou has multiple game play scenarios and you’ll have to prove yourself to be a pretty good shooter to stay in the game!

TankYou is a simple and entertaining turn-based game where the goal is to destroy all enemies’ tanks and be the last man standing.

You can challenge up to four friends on your phone or even play online with them! If you are alone you can still compete against multiple bots.

You will fight for your life in a hostile environment on a unique random field (five different themes). Be aware of the wind, it can highly influence your shot.

For the moment, a small artillery is available, but we’re working on extending the amount of weapons. Jump in the adventure!

Tank You!

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